About Us

In a world that tries to tell you what to do, you do you! we’ll have your back. Here you can find your thing, at TUYA we’re rooting for you!

This whole journey started back in 2016 on our way back from vacation. We had seen that the only place to find shirts with any real attitude was in American thrift shops and secondhand stores. On that trip we found one that was absolute fire, and decided when we got home to Argentina that we’d try to make some for our own.

For over a year we went back and forth on our designs a thousand times, trying to find the vibe and quality we were going for, until we came up with TUYA.

Right away our friends all wanted theirs, so we started moving them as fast as we could produce them. We also had people from the worlds of music, painting, cooking, photography, art in general reaching out. People we admired and who spoke our language.

Today from here in Argentina we’re reaching thousands of people that want to wear TUYA, and we’re going for thousands more all over the world. Our goal is that every people see someone with a TUYA, they know that person does their own thing.